From our Pastor, Rev. Aidan N. Donahue

 Dear Friends:

The third annual St. Mary Parish Picnic held two weekends ago was a great success. The weather was perfect, and over 200 people came together for three hours of good food, fun, and friendship. We need to develop other events such as this so that we can build a greater sense of community. In a very large parish such as ours, it can be difficult for people to get to know one another. Anything we can do to help the people of our parish, whether they be new to St. Mary’s or timeŽtested parishioners, to come together would be a most worthwhile endeavor.

In a spirit of gratitude, on behalf of the parish, I want to extend a sincere word of thanks to the members of the picnic committee who put in numerous hours in planning and bringing the picnic to fruition. My thanks go to Diane and Tony Candido, Bob and Darlene Lessard, Jay and Patty Mraz, Buzz and Karolee Buzzelle, and Mary Jane Robbins. Without their efforts, nothing would have happened. I am also grateful to Rob Lynch and the members of the Santa Maria Council of the Knights of Columbus for their help with both setŽup and cleanŽup. Thanks to one and all.

By now you may have noticed the new gazebo that has been placed in the area to the left of the church where the rosary garden was. The rosary garden was rarely used and became a maintenance and cost issue. Thus, it was decided to remove the circle of plants that comprised the rosary and place a gazebo in the center. This adds beauty to the church grounds and it will be used for photographs after weddings, first communions, and confirmations. The cross and the dedication stone set in place for the rosary garden when it was installed will remain as they are.

Finally, we are making a slight change in the distribution of bulletins at weekend Masses. Far too many are being read and left behind in church. The intent behind the parish bulletin is that it be taken home and read and kept by way of reminders for upcoming services and events. Thus, the bulletins will be made available as you leave church at the end of Mass. This will eliminate a significant cleanŽup job every Monday morning.

Rev. Aidan N. Donahue

© 2010 Saint Mary Church, Milford, Connecticut