From our Pastor, Rev. Aidan N. Donahue

 Dear Friends:

We unofficially launch into the summer season as we mark Memorial Day this Monday, May 30. Memorial Day reminds us of the cost of our freedom, that numerous men and women served in the armed forces in defense of our nation since the time of the Revolutionary War right up to our own time and gave their lives so that we could enjoy the freedom afforded us as Americans. In this age when so many take freedom for-granted or misunderstand freedom, thinking it to be a license to do whatever one wants regardless of the common good or the needs of others, we are reminded in observing Memorial Day that freedom is not free. With freedom comes responsibility, a responsibility to live in accordance with the moral law established by God. If we ignore the moral law, we do so to our personal and collective peril, for then true freedom is at great risk. Mass for Memorial Day will be at 9:00 AM on Monday. There will be no Mass at 7:00 AM that day.

This Wednesday, June 1, eighteen young people will celebrate their graduation from St. Mary School. Many of them have spent most of their young years as students in our school, starting in the pre-school and advancing to the moment now upon them when they will join the ranks of alumni from our school. We congratulate them for their achievements and we wish them well as they go on to high school, knowing that they are well-prepared for the challenges ahead of them.

I would like to say a word by way of strong endorsement of the Catholic Biblical School sponsored by the Archdiocese of Hartford. Now in its twenty-first year, the Catholic Biblical School has educated and formed hundreds of adults so that they can understand and love the Word of God more deeply. Through weekly classes, September to May, homework assignments, group sharing, and instruction, those who enroll in the Catholic Biblical School read every book in the Bible over a four-year period. They pray with the Scriptures and study them so that the Word of God speaks more deeply to them and their lives. I was a member of the faculty of the Catholic Biblical School for seventeen years and I can attest to the excellence of the program. Consider enrolling for next year. I know you will not be disappointed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Have a good week!

Rev. Aidan N. Donahue

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